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The Magic Mat

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The Magic Mat



Welcoming all parents to the new academic year . Mothers nudging me to be back on the blogging page, this set me forth! The decoding of experiences.

The Moment came on the  mat, never a quiet mind; Both the mats in a Montessori and yoga  set me off on a thinking spree. The thoughts of the young girl Nithyaa telling her mother she is happy being a Tortoise and not the Hare seems a lasting memory for me. The 8-year-old Sharda telling her mother why would the teacher  in my big school throw books where as Montessori shows me how to place a book down, are  incidents which sets me seeking for  more learning .

Dr Montessori called the child’’ the messiah’’, we  never lose a moment to cherish the pure joy and love of the children around us ,so vital  for all our well-being.

Ah! Such a happy space for all, The well-being and of course the longevity of a happy society.  The year that’s gone by has been well spent on reworking, restructuring,of gratitude for learning which has metamorphosed  into superior work, training teachers, mentoring and  development of   the institution . Notwithstanding the journey that’s has  made me, from an eager Montessorian all dove eyed, Enthused for learning , to overcoming  short comings, to train under the big heads and directors of training. Unbridled against the wishes of family, Having trained for four years to learn the minutest  aspects of science behind the Montessori having Come to loggerheads with them .

The inner churn of Montessori in my heart and soul which saw me rising strong in those days overlooking all , the pot shots flung by them,  Emerging like a  Hercules wanting to take on the next flag post, the domain of research.shuttling back and forth between committees the thesis done, now the journal  editorial committee  flung several googlies which I saw it through the fields.All The stalking and intimidation can never deter us from functioning and delivering quality work. I let them have their moment or two, laughing my way to bliss, for their ignominy  of having my steps tracked, ha ha ha !so they think ! These moments seem to kick in the instinct of creativity and problem solving to pen my thoughts to paper.

My experiences on the mat not withstanding my struggle for aligning, symmetry ,mind-body connect saw a parallel with the story of the child on the mat in the Montessori .

There are several hands in the past and present that would liken to their own life. The child Sharda who would say I don’t know why I cried, but my school was the best, or the likes of Anshu who would  always tell the teacher  its ok to make a mistake and not be afraid, for I am learning. This is the best part of being in a Montessori  giving scope for reflection and renewal – a constant spiritual awakening.

I for sure have not missed the profound, not flaunting presentations, papers, the whys, the fundas,  the techniques, meditation around the materials.

At times we are struck as to how to limit our words to define Montessori, we can’t give a bland formula, for its so vast and expansive  but for now I have reached a point of not condoning  weakness, but coming back with robust strength and vigour to grow, to study to work on the human tendencies of the community at large .

No I don’t want to run a Marathon for riches and glory! but leave behind a life and legacy ,of a record of my experience and leave my footprints behind and  so I shall ! My take away has  been-we love one and all, our achievements our glories and our knowledge. The joy of learning is always for its own sake. J Krishnamurthy rightly said ‘’ learning is the very essence of ability, learning from everything and everybody ‘’.

The moment of reckoning has been in, unrolling or rolling  my mat, corrections by the teacher, alignments, the mind-body connect. I am not much of a yogi, not consistent, with practise and I go with the flow and strife. But love the peace and calm, feeling more centred more driven, more aware of body in space, of self-awareness. like a good yoga teacher who encourages self-awareness, learning is about showing up on the mat and practicing, just as we carve gradually into a tree taking time, the moment of reaching, the beauty of the process, the challenges of balance, to focus, to listen to intuition. yoga and Montessori reminds adults and children we are a part of something greater, the responsibility to themselves,to others, and to make a difference and to share their light.

Children are persistent in their work. They  arrive with only repeated practise and inner connect. its their journey they are aware and dare not we  delve into the inner core or disturb the little red men at work. Mothers now can embark on self-development and personal growth for children are going to be immersed in work ahead of them. Smart successfull mothers make for successfull happy children. As For me, now it’s time to straddle up the  big  Elephant, am up for the next Big task  ahead of  me, strapped up to take on!




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