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A letter to my son

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Son I see you sad, it breaks my heart!

All dreams in your eyes set forth, to leave a mark, but now in all knots you seem to have flummoxed your better.

The stride the snigger, the lost joys, I am remorse for all the tears shed with me.

You have been my strength my armour in all of your 18 years.

Go on son you have a vision to catch and a rainbow to paint give wings to your dream and fly away like the pelican to reach the moon.

The eyes ever searching for a dawn ,for a lost dream, son you are the archer with slew of arrows ready to shoot at all satans dancing around .

With eons of wisdom in your head, a knot of grit in the fist, I wish you an era of joy and happiness.

The plethora of distance and seasons of books you have rummaged would shame any erudite, behold all your strains you will be swept away to a land of angels and bliss who will bestow all joys for you to win over the land of gallantry.

The hands of god, blessed in your halo I see you as a crystal with clarity in a moment.

The trance sets of the colours for a dream dance to the gardens of mythology.

The caricatures and cartoons sing out your comic sense, the tales and talks seems to ebb in a light to the mundane days.

My heart swells and chest spans out to colour in a pastel of expanse for all your dreams.


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