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Bright and spirited, you look out of the windows to a spirited girl all pretty and Doll to work her way through.

The elderly all petite but loyal to the man, serving up day in and day out with all wrinkled up and wobbly hands so up and about  with her sincerity .

The aunty who peeks in the frame all to be pepped up to see life in colours.

The young pretty mother without a tether at home strong in her stride and sure of charisma sets forth to colour out a painting in all vibrant hues.

The super mom, in all charm with her baton to weave in magic to colours in bakes and entice the hungry and wild

The greens seller in all words to sell her stock and the fruit grandma says , take more and taste , see it and come back  many more times.

All of women power inspires to dare at the shining star with naked eyes see it for yourself if the hues of life inspire you to brave on by a world which is all murky and easy on values to suit people and fancies.

God all of mercy is here, to lead us to the kindly light of peace of heaven, May we have the solitude and grace to be unbridled by games to build a world of beauty and glory.


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