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Years passed, listening to tall’ talks, aspiring to fly with books and all, jumping high and mighty to sparkle the mind.

With idealism and pushing boundaries, heroic activisms to strive, reach a rainbow in life, my life MY CHOICE! My dreams!

Smiling away at small wonders, all honey in a box of essence, mulling reflections and rehaul not to out run all.

Ponder now and then, as to life’s follies and foibles, for all battles are not won, winning only when others out beat and battle to finish, marathoning  all with festive joy and fervour

All of music to dance and frolic, empathy to great souls for doors if many, a distant door beckons. Spread our purpose to fulfil a great plan.

All quirkiness to see life so imperfect, so eventful and lift up in drama, n colourful.

A feather laid out, neatly spread, a path so clear and a wall to clamber on with time and grit, light leads the festival spirit to all,

With a jiffy and a twirl pushing into a pan and dress up a fairy goddess all

All of clay, asking questions and no answers to reply only the nod, the grin the strength.

All of a blossom, aromatic and festive, all engrossed in thought so deep, the nod, the gestures, the hard work speaketh to all.

The comedy of the drivers, the driven who whips up fervours, for life is beyond targets, success, acclaim and all.

With a green tree in our heart hope and resilient, for God’s plan  to walk on faith and never by sight.

My reason for being.


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