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Quick walks to the fridge-soulful eating

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Breakfast is the meal of the day, quench up with lots of water,  for all ears to music devotional, soothing n calm begins our day!


Talking, listening to thyself n higher self, look forward to a great day. The fridge sits a treasure holding on to much of our inputs an, yoga and stretches grows out the energy.


Lots of food is good for all, how do we get what we want; glasses of fluids ,melons, oranges and cantaloupes have it all. Fruit kebab all strung in with vitamin c, to up body fences to keep Merry.


Five portions of fruits and veg a day, keeps us fighting fit away.food is good, taking out milk , curds , yogurt keeping  teeth  strong, with milkshakes, in goes calcium-minerals making bones strong, an healthy . Love all of dairy, fat in butter and oil absorbing vitamins from foods I eat .


Walk to the fridge, nah, too much fat is bad! shut the fridge door and mind me to brush my teeth twice a day to shine away.

Sweets, biscuits, ice-cream a treat rarely. Good lord! For a bar of chocolate, in it is seven spoons of sugar.

A portion of fruits, vegetables, juice, dried fruits glows out face, to welcome and meditate.

All food, a good feel, eggs and beans, soy and lentils  all of proteins with iron and blood to stay strong, making new muscle and skin a new!

Vegetables av vitamins and minerals, eyes to see a glow in dark, all of vitamin B to turn food into energy for all.

More of fiber in peas, sweet potatoes and greens, broccoli, zucchini works on muscles to devour vegetables coyly.

More of lettuces, colorful kale, capsicum, celery, all of super foods, to grow tall! Brown bread, carbs all of pasta, rice and corn more of long-lasting, fire to run and play, and touch the sky away. Digestion all smooth with healthy fillings. All of a balanced diet gives my body top pivot.


A la humor, on food no meat, no proteins, ah fake meat! Soy all of chunks, n spring rolls in goes sliver of vegetables rolled up.

The viscous vermilion swirl, a tonic for many ills, with many a cereals bar, though eating salads, wanting something else, but strongly we eat up all.

Comfort food, if bad sometimes, sneak in a pizza from the fridge, oh but not having my cake and eating it from fridge, wishing someone looks at me looking at ice cream, all of beauty aah!


Dark and pure, Lindt and  Dunkin ,flirting with chocolates and all, prolonging  pleasures  for new silkies, all with a cup of tea for good luck, questions abound what food am I, n dabbing some wine for good luck all.

Asking how many colors each of us has eaten, and pondering what food am I, fox nuts, walnuts and corn tales, cookies n all of multigrain’s, nut milk and tender coconut what a la sports drink, boasting hydration, electrolytes.


Looking awe, smelling good enough to eat, but picky about food. Split salt, bad luck prevails, when hunger hits not reaching for salty food, hard-core coffee drinks rolling, asking what food am I. In appreciating witticism heartily.

Food and humour is a la cake! N eating luscious all for goodness sake!








  1. Such a good humour in the morning, beautifully (funnily) written

    Liked by 1 person

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