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Activism #Dilemma

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The world is now ajar to what my girl asked, well I smiled, to talk and be heard, for women do not want to just be there and indoors. Till day the girl said, “Women wore their sleeves ‘just a little less prominently, delicately. The folk, in and around and in action saw themselves all rosy, but well and confronting and making peace with their own thingness.

Women seemingly shore up new reasons to questions,restraints being a reflex. Seeing the ugly sight but to only look within, as seen with law and society and connections,evolving of law from oppressions to that of liberation has been a cacophonous call .Women donning all of care see their hands less seen outside and more ballooning in the baton. 

Ah! Better so she feels as the pervasive fields are beset with hungry predators, growling and hungry to clobber all.Champions many, even a Santhosh and Chandrachud a la new C J Gogai are all the human face, shinning stars, and poster boys of liberals. Doing the unthinkable, no leave in the week, overruling a father’s precedent and the crafted judgement of yore. The jurist thump, a dissent for ages to come, but ah governance is a must to thrive on opposition, yes! A symbol of democracy, of compassion being all human. See all the sights delivered to all of brahma’s wonders .  

The poem of Ogden Nash of happiness is “having a scratch for every itch sets forth the laughing heavens, of rumi‘spoems, Alfonzo Mendoza rapping it all to cheer, to see the womenfolk jamming away at Bhuira. The films of loneliness of, ajji, yours truly, the fervours of Annie zaidi all of blazingenlightenment and fervour for women kind. 

The words of poem Grace by A.K Ramanujan reeled of Girishkarnad twitches at the heart strings like a bird being nudged of its branches. women see all of it as answers to big questions,making gold of loneliness in their way and the past feel like less, but make the pleasant all kingdom of heaven .The sayingof breaking bread together,and all of women talk dine together but yes! Leaving God alone and to think of oneself , searching out beauty in all of life, women folk in market in shanties , all of the trinkets diffusing the dolls , having a story , in the melee making the place your own but taking time to see it there.

Listening to the “zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance “the delicate and brazen creed want to belong and a code to live by, voila solving one problem and another, then the next only solving, so we reach home thereby we square ourselves away gifted by the bad times and groping for the sliver ofhope. Unravelling the plot of a dark film, the artsy feel of being good through difficulty, always finding a reason to wake up and hell bent on finding the land of abundance.

The women always in faith, trusting the universe to do right,only soo many grey cells and lessons of staying ahead. Thus the seamless world, the possibilities, the earnest heart, the passion the humour. The courage to all mothers and gals of overcoming sullenness and movement to experience the day is all we need.





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