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Activism #Dilemma

The world is now ajar to what my girl asked, well I smiled, to talk and be heard, for women do not want to just be there and indoors. Till day the girl said, “Women wore their sleeves ‘just a little less prominently, delicately. The folk, in and around and in action saw themselves all rosy, but well and confronting and making peace with their own thingness.

Women seemingly shore up new reasons to questions,restraints being a reflex. Seeing the ugly sight but to only look within, as seen with law and society and connections,evolving of law from oppressions to that of liberation has been a cacophonous call .Women donning all of care see their hands less seen outside and more ballooning in the baton. 

Ah! Better so she feels as the pervasive fields are beset with hungry predators, growling and hungry to clobber all.Champions many, even a Santhosh and Chandrachud a la new C J Gogai are all the human face, shinning stars, and poster boys of liberals. Doing the unthinkable, no leave in the week, overruling a father’s precedent and the crafted judgement of yore. The jurist thump, a dissent for ages to come, but ah governance is a must to thrive on opposition, yes! A symbol of democracy, of compassion being all human. See all the sights delivered to all of brahma’s wonders .  

The poem of Ogden Nash of happiness is “having a scratch for every itch sets forth the laughing heavens, of rumi‘spoems, Alfonzo Mendoza rapping it all to cheer, to see the womenfolk jamming away at Bhuira. The films of loneliness of, ajji, yours truly, the fervours of Annie zaidi all of blazingenlightenment and fervour for women kind. 

The words of poem Grace by A.K Ramanujan reeled of Girishkarnad twitches at the heart strings like a bird being nudged of its branches. women see all of it as answers to big questions,making gold of loneliness in their way and the past feel like less, but make the pleasant all kingdom of heaven .The sayingof breaking bread together,and all of women talk dine together but yes! Leaving God alone and to think of oneself , searching out beauty in all of life, women folk in market in shanties , all of the trinkets diffusing the dolls , having a story , in the melee making the place your own but taking time to see it there.

Listening to the “zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance “the delicate and brazen creed want to belong and a code to live by, voila solving one problem and another, then the next only solving, so we reach home thereby we square ourselves away gifted by the bad times and groping for the sliver ofhope. Unravelling the plot of a dark film, the artsy feel of being good through difficulty, always finding a reason to wake up and hell bent on finding the land of abundance.

The women always in faith, trusting the universe to do right,only soo many grey cells and lessons of staying ahead. Thus the seamless world, the possibilities, the earnest heart, the passion the humour. The courage to all mothers and gals of overcoming sullenness and movement to experience the day is all we need.




Quick walks to the fridge-soulful eating

Breakfast is the meal of the day, quench up with lots of water,  for all ears to music devotional, soothing n calm begins our day!


Talking, listening to thyself n higher self, look forward to a great day. The fridge sits a treasure holding on to much of our inputs an, yoga and stretches grows out the energy.


Lots of food is good for all, how do we get what we want; glasses of fluids ,melons, oranges and cantaloupes have it all. Fruit kebab all strung in with vitamin c, to up body fences to keep Merry.


Five portions of fruits and veg a day, keeps us fighting fit is good, taking out milk , curds , yogurt keeping  teeth  strong, with milkshakes, in goes calcium-minerals making bones strong, an healthy . Love all of dairy, fat in butter and oil absorbing vitamins from foods I eat .


Walk to the fridge, nah, too much fat is bad! shut the fridge door and mind me to brush my teeth twice a day to shine away.

Sweets, biscuits, ice-cream a treat rarely. Good lord! For a bar of chocolate, in it is seven spoons of sugar.

A portion of fruits, vegetables, juice, dried fruits glows out face, to welcome and meditate.

All food, a good feel, eggs and beans, soy and lentils  all of proteins with iron and blood to stay strong, making new muscle and skin a new!

Vegetables av vitamins and minerals, eyes to see a glow in dark, all of vitamin B to turn food into energy for all.

More of fiber in peas, sweet potatoes and greens, broccoli, zucchini works on muscles to devour vegetables coyly.

More of lettuces, colorful kale, capsicum, celery, all of super foods, to grow tall! Brown bread, carbs all of pasta, rice and corn more of long-lasting, fire to run and play, and touch the sky away. Digestion all smooth with healthy fillings. All of a balanced diet gives my body top pivot.


A la humor, on food no meat, no proteins, ah fake meat! Soy all of chunks, n spring rolls in goes sliver of vegetables rolled up.

The viscous vermilion swirl, a tonic for many ills, with many a cereals bar, though eating salads, wanting something else, but strongly we eat up all.

Comfort food, if bad sometimes, sneak in a pizza from the fridge, oh but not having my cake and eating it from fridge, wishing someone looks at me looking at ice cream, all of beauty aah!


Dark and pure, Lindt and  Dunkin ,flirting with chocolates and all, prolonging  pleasures  for new silkies, all with a cup of tea for good luck, questions abound what food am I, n dabbing some wine for good luck all.

Asking how many colors each of us has eaten, and pondering what food am I, fox nuts, walnuts and corn tales, cookies n all of multigrain’s, nut milk and tender coconut what a la sports drink, boasting hydration, electrolytes.


Looking awe, smelling good enough to eat, but picky about food. Split salt, bad luck prevails, when hunger hits not reaching for salty food, hard-core coffee drinks rolling, asking what food am I. In appreciating witticism heartily.

Food and humour is a la cake! N eating luscious all for goodness sake!







Years passed, listening to tall’ talks, aspiring to fly with books and all, jumping high and mighty to sparkle the mind.

With idealism and pushing boundaries, heroic activisms to strive, reach a rainbow in life, my life MY CHOICE! My dreams!

Smiling away at small wonders, all honey in a box of essence, mulling reflections and rehaul not to out run all.

Ponder now and then, as to life’s follies and foibles, for all battles are not won, winning only when others out beat and battle to finish, marathoning  all with festive joy and fervour

All of music to dance and frolic, empathy to great souls for doors if many, a distant door beckons. Spread our purpose to fulfil a great plan.

All quirkiness to see life so imperfect, so eventful and lift up in drama, n colourful.

A feather laid out, neatly spread, a path so clear and a wall to clamber on with time and grit, light leads the festival spirit to all,

With a jiffy and a twirl pushing into a pan and dress up a fairy goddess all

All of clay, asking questions and no answers to reply only the nod, the grin the strength.

All of a blossom, aromatic and festive, all engrossed in thought so deep, the nod, the gestures, the hard work speaketh to all.

The comedy of the drivers, the driven who whips up fervours, for life is beyond targets, success, acclaim and all.

With a green tree in our heart hope and resilient, for God’s plan  to walk on faith and never by sight.

My reason for being.


Bright and spirited, you look out of the windows to a spirited girl all pretty and Doll to work her way through.

The elderly all petite but loyal to the man, serving up day in and day out with all wrinkled up and wobbly hands so up and about  with her sincerity .

The aunty who peeks in the frame all to be pepped up to see life in colours.

The young pretty mother without a tether at home strong in her stride and sure of charisma sets forth to colour out a painting in all vibrant hues.

The super mom, in all charm with her baton to weave in magic to colours in bakes and entice the hungry and wild

The greens seller in all words to sell her stock and the fruit grandma says , take more and taste , see it and come back  many more times.

All of women power inspires to dare at the shining star with naked eyes see it for yourself if the hues of life inspire you to brave on by a world which is all murky and easy on values to suit people and fancies.

God all of mercy is here, to lead us to the kindly light of peace of heaven, May we have the solitude and grace to be unbridled by games to build a world of beauty and glory.

A letter to my son

Son I see you sad, it breaks my heart!

All dreams in your eyes set forth, to leave a mark, but now in all knots you seem to have flummoxed your better.

The stride the snigger, the lost joys, I am remorse for all the tears shed with me.

You have been my strength my armour in all of your 18 years.

Go on son you have a vision to catch and a rainbow to paint give wings to your dream and fly away like the pelican to reach the moon.

The eyes ever searching for a dawn ,for a lost dream, son you are the archer with slew of arrows ready to shoot at all satans dancing around .

With eons of wisdom in your head, a knot of grit in the fist, I wish you an era of joy and happiness.

The plethora of distance and seasons of books you have rummaged would shame any erudite, behold all your strains you will be swept away to a land of angels and bliss who will bestow all joys for you to win over the land of gallantry.

The hands of god, blessed in your halo I see you as a crystal with clarity in a moment.

The trance sets of the colours for a dream dance to the gardens of mythology.

The caricatures and cartoons sing out your comic sense, the tales and talks seems to ebb in a light to the mundane days.

My heart swells and chest spans out to colour in a pastel of expanse for all your dreams.

The Magic Mat

The Magic Mat



Welcoming all parents to the new academic year . Mothers nudging me to be back on the blogging page, this set me forth! The decoding of experiences.

The Moment came on the  mat, never a quiet mind; Both the mats in a Montessori and yoga  set me off on a thinking spree. The thoughts of the young girl Nithyaa telling her mother she is happy being a Tortoise and not the Hare seems a lasting memory for me. The 8-year-old Sharda telling her mother why would the teacher  in my big school throw books where as Montessori shows me how to place a book down, are  incidents which sets me seeking for  more learning .

Dr Montessori called the child’’ the messiah’’, we  never lose a moment to cherish the pure joy and love of the children around us ,so vital  for all our well-being.

Ah! Such a happy space for all, The well-being and of course the longevity of a happy society.  The year that’s gone by has been well spent on reworking, restructuring,of gratitude for learning which has metamorphosed  into superior work, training teachers, mentoring and  development of   the institution . Notwithstanding the journey that’s has  made me, from an eager Montessorian all dove eyed, Enthused for learning , to overcoming  short comings, to train under the big heads and directors of training. Unbridled against the wishes of family, Having trained for four years to learn the minutest  aspects of science behind the Montessori having Come to loggerheads with them .

The inner churn of Montessori in my heart and soul which saw me rising strong in those days overlooking all , the pot shots flung by them,  Emerging like a  Hercules wanting to take on the next flag post, the domain of research.shuttling back and forth between committees the thesis done, now the journal  editorial committee  flung several googlies which I saw it through the fields.All The stalking and intimidation can never deter us from functioning and delivering quality work. I let them have their moment or two, laughing my way to bliss, for their ignominy  of having my steps tracked, ha ha ha !so they think ! These moments seem to kick in the instinct of creativity and problem solving to pen my thoughts to paper.

My experiences on the mat not withstanding my struggle for aligning, symmetry ,mind-body connect saw a parallel with the story of the child on the mat in the Montessori .

There are several hands in the past and present that would liken to their own life. The child Sharda who would say I don’t know why I cried, but my school was the best, or the likes of Anshu who would  always tell the teacher  its ok to make a mistake and not be afraid, for I am learning. This is the best part of being in a Montessori  giving scope for reflection and renewal – a constant spiritual awakening.

I for sure have not missed the profound, not flaunting presentations, papers, the whys, the fundas,  the techniques, meditation around the materials.

At times we are struck as to how to limit our words to define Montessori, we can’t give a bland formula, for its so vast and expansive  but for now I have reached a point of not condoning  weakness, but coming back with robust strength and vigour to grow, to study to work on the human tendencies of the community at large .

No I don’t want to run a Marathon for riches and glory! but leave behind a life and legacy ,of a record of my experience and leave my footprints behind and  so I shall ! My take away has  been-we love one and all, our achievements our glories and our knowledge. The joy of learning is always for its own sake. J Krishnamurthy rightly said ‘’ learning is the very essence of ability, learning from everything and everybody ‘’.

The moment of reckoning has been in, unrolling or rolling  my mat, corrections by the teacher, alignments, the mind-body connect. I am not much of a yogi, not consistent, with practise and I go with the flow and strife. But love the peace and calm, feeling more centred more driven, more aware of body in space, of self-awareness. like a good yoga teacher who encourages self-awareness, learning is about showing up on the mat and practicing, just as we carve gradually into a tree taking time, the moment of reaching, the beauty of the process, the challenges of balance, to focus, to listen to intuition. yoga and Montessori reminds adults and children we are a part of something greater, the responsibility to themselves,to others, and to make a difference and to share their light.

Children are persistent in their work. They  arrive with only repeated practise and inner connect. its their journey they are aware and dare not we  delve into the inner core or disturb the little red men at work. Mothers now can embark on self-development and personal growth for children are going to be immersed in work ahead of them. Smart successfull mothers make for successfull happy children. As For me, now it’s time to straddle up the  big  Elephant, am up for the next Big task  ahead of  me, strapped up to take on!



Not words but virtues speak


Children in a montessori are driven and hungry for work ,They  constantly look  up to all teachers.  I have Fond memories of all normalised children, perfectly balanced, virtous and always at peace . Work and virtues always always go hand in hand in the environment, I would not have second thought of it , lofty though but  I always strove and felt driven to inculcate them in all my children.

Virtues  is not about  mere  practices or beliefs   It is based on the simple wisdom  about living by the best within us – courage, honor, justice, kindness and all of our innate virtues.  Schools and businesses, are using the Five Strategies of The Virtues Project with transformational effect.

Maria Montessori  cautioned, that children not only hear everything, but they also see, imprint, and even mirror our behaviors. The children watch the adults around them from birth. Everything we do, everything we say is imprinted  in her/his memory. In her book, The Child in the Family,  Montessori makes her point :

The children are impressionable to such a degree that the adult ought to monitor everything they say and do, for everything is literally engraved in the child’s mind. enormous responsibility! I  have always wondered at how children idolize the teachers and take their word as final. MAM told me soooo! we always hear.

Mentoring, training, managing ,supervising trained and untrained staff is a humongous task where I had to wield the stern sharp look, as well as a carrot and stick approach to get to perfection .Parents in a Montessori school need to understand how important behavioral modeling is for their children.

Modeling Montessori Behavior in the Home:

Discrepancies between home and school environments can be challenging for children and for the Montessori program. From the beginning of  Montessori Parent Education Program, which usually begins as soon as a prospective parent enters the doors of our Montessori school,  clearly communicate that the role of parents is to put their beliefs in what their children should do and say into action.  I have  counselled many parents before they take admission as to the vision and mission of our institution and the ideals of the Montessori philosophy.I have put out tough standards all along in training teachers, some targets they would reach if they strive ,This means becoming an active role model for teachers,parents and children. Meaning, walking the Talk for which we pay a  price  and is non negotiable . Many at times it is seemed and heard in quite whispers,  she is a tough cookie,  old fashioned ,So be it, i said ! I am not here to be sugary and nice but to do a good job of turning in future leaders and entrepreneurs and reaching the goal of normalisation of children .

Virtues play a key role in the Montessori philosophy. A Montessori teacher knows that even though she may have the Montessori curriculum and prepared Montessori environment, unless the intent is for the good of the child , all the preparation in the world will be for naught. Tomorrow is a crucial part of our work .I have always delivered before being reminded of my task. In fact, Montessori said “Not words but virtues are her  main qualifications” (Discovery of the Child). And since the education of the child occurs both in and out of the Montessori classroom, all adults in the child’s life play a vital role in the education and development of the personality of the child.

Reminding Montessori parents that although I am not expecting them to be perfect, they should make a very conscious effort to be a positive role model for their children. Asking them to think about what they value and if their behavior demonstrates that value to their children. Here are examples of a few questions to keep in mind:

  • Are we living our daily life in such a way that  would want our child to follow our example?
  • do we practise healthy habits ourselves ?
  • Do we tell “ white lies”?
  • Do we turn off the radio (TV, computer, cell phone) as we come Home and  listen when our child speaks ?
  • Do we use the language of respect, not just with our child, but with everyone we interact with?
  • Do we express rage when children throw a tantrum?
  • Do we do a lot of positive  and empowering talk , to show them perseverance in effort.
  • are we permissive and being extravagant in our lifestyle ?
  • do  we indulge and bribe children with gifts and goods ?

In a Montessori   children learn wisdom, virtue, courage, honesty, and character by hearing, reading, seeing and through stories that model these virtues. Our world is rich with literature about individual heroes who have made the earth a better place for others. Reading these stories and poems aloud to children builds a strong curriculum for Character Education in conjunction with learning .The Montessori classroom can also be the environment where children learn to practice character virtues, and recognize these virtues  every day.

Character Education in a Montessori

Many a times positive strokes for children at good behaviour has resulted in dropping of all bad habits in the environment.
some examples of character virtues that we can work around,
Responsibility, Fortitude, Courage, Compassion, Caring, Honesty,  Fairness, Hard Work, Perseverance, Politeness, Sharing, Courtesy, Kindness, Patience,  Awareness, Flexibility, Humility.

Encouraging  Montessori children to do further work with the  Virtues,  practicing it at all times , engaging children in the virtues of grace and courtesy helps. Even everyday actions, such as an older child helping a younger child, or a practical life activity such as caring for the environment, can be acknowledged and celebrated in the Montessori classroom.
Character Education continues to be one of the most important aspects of the Montessori curriculum, across all ages. The Montessori teacher and parents are important role models and guides toward the “education of the whole child” through thoughtful practice and shared experience.

It supports Montessori’s philosophy and methodology beautifully. Recognizing that virtues are ‘the gifts from within’ many visitors have always wondered the calm the serenity that prevails in the environment

In addition to the virtues we often use in our Montessori philosophy,adults  are enriched by learning to fine tune some useful virtues like moderation, tact, assertiveness, enthusiasm, purposefulness, diligence and inspiring and motivating teachers to role model them is  integral to success and posterity of the institution.
Using the language of the virtues to ACKNOWLEDGE the beautiful ‘gems’ that children are developing,  to help them recognize they can use these gems in a variety of situations. practising it at Home is crucial , what with world of technology ,corporate culture and instant solutions   its important as educators to  use the language of the virtues to GUIDE children to a virtue that will help them handle a situation confidently. We use the language of the virtues to guide children with a virtue that will help them avoid a problem in the future.”

Teacher’s Experience with The Virtues

The thing I am most proud of from my work, is how the Virtues   work in the Montessori environment . Montessori always  offers so many incredible teachable moments, that I feel had the most impact on  children of anything we teach them. BE it eating healthy food to all good habits.
There is always a moment or activity with the virtues:
breaks posed lots of  conflicts. Teachers never had the time to give each and every child the attention they were seeking for resolution . So, I created a piece of paper (and made over a hundred copies) with this outline: and gave it to teachers to reflect on

  • What happened:
  • What bothered us about it:
  • What we did to solve it:
  • Some other approaches to solving it:
  • Virtues we need to call on to help us be right now:​

The Five Strategies of  Virtue development

  1. Speaking the Language of the Virtues

Language has great influence to empower or discourage.  Self-esteem is built when shaming or blaming language is replaced by naming the Virtues, our innate qualities and character.  Virtues are used to acknowledge, guide and correct.  The Language of the Virtues helps us remember what kind of people we want to be.

  1. Recognize Teachable Moments

Viewing life as an opportunity for learning, recognizing our mistakes, our test and challenges as opportunities to hone our virtues.  It is an approach to bring out the best in each other by asking, “What can I learn from this situation?”, “What do I need to do differently next time?”, and “How can I make it right?”

  1. Set Clear Boundaries

Clear boundaries, connected to a Shared Vision of the virtues ,Clear ground rules based on virtues built-in an atmosphere of order .

  1. Honor the Spirit

School spirit grows through simple practices that illuminate our sense of values, such as   silence  activity in the day can bring a sense of peace to the day.  Reflections are key to all our work,  Celebrations make special events meaningful.

Virtues qualify us and leave a lasting impression on young minds , go ahead give your best to children in leading an enriched and virtuous life .

They are necessary for a child’s well-being and happiness. Once they are learned, they will last the child a lifetime.